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About Nicki

The idea of the ancient world linking through to the present fires my imagination, leading me to examine our ancestral beliefs. In particular shamanism, because of the way it transcends religion, and crosses cultures. I am drawn to imagining how creativity would have been prioritised in preparation for ceremony and worship, in conjunction with phases of the yearly cycle. This contemplation motivated me to organise small gatherings, encouraging participants to make costumes, re-enact old customs, feast and light fires. Enticed by the imagery and visuals from these events I am currently planning a series of work.


Creating the painting is invariably my initial line of departure, once the research is underway. Frequently by mixing the paint pigment with earth, ash and charcoal I observe a raw quality, evocative of an old theme. During the journey of the work I play with form, texture and colour, often developing a narrative along the route. At this point I then carve, assemble or craft three dimensional pieces reverential to, or as an appropriate expression of the subject. As with the painting entitled 'Crossing' I plan to cast hoof prints and fabricate felt to create deer/animal head-dresses. Ultimately, as nature is an important part of my own self fulfilment, through this discourse, I endeavour to inspire unison between humans and the earth.


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